La Fondation ED

Our approach

Making global human solidarity the engine of the action, the work tool in essence, the mechanism and the fundamental way to strengthen CAPACITY institutions, organizations of men and women , including young and girls to voice their VOICE to access the RESOURCES and OPPORTUNITIES for more CHOICE and increase their chances of PARTICIPATION in building a world more s u r, more just and more equitable.


 The ED Foundation aims to develop customized programs and offer local services in order to accompany each partner based on their real needs and this will be done consistently across an integrated program involving all key actors while promoting synergy between stakeholders for a better coordination and a complementarity of initiated actions  . The particularity of this approach is that it aims to promote better consideration of the context and specificities of each partner and to maximise its advantages and strengths. Such an approach also aims to make it easier to draw on the lessons of past or lived experiences elsewhere, and to share them in order to stimulate and encourage cooperative actions and move forward together while respecting the dynamics and specificities of each.


In an approach that is both holistic and rational,The ED Foundation develop working approaches which assist the players to better dissect and synthesize information to facilitate making strategic decisions, to define their own vision and intervention strategy which are called upon to evolve and adjust gradually over time according to changes and needs. The ED Foundation will work together with stakeholders to help them prepare for tomorrow today. The ED Foundation will thus play a role of liaison and coordination among development partners to better support partnership relations and cooperation to ensure better monitoring and proper coordination of development activities.


The involvement of all stakeholders will have the advantage of developing integrated and synergistic actions and approaches to promote the sharing of experiences , and the development of actions that are more coherent, more coordinated and that fit into the length of time to bring about positive changes in development policies and programs.


Through its approach and actions, The ED Foundation will :

  •  Better inform and educate the governmental and non-governmental actors, and development partners as well as promote new forms of dialogue and new ways of working to stimulate the building of solid partnerships and cooperation     
  •  Work in close collaboration with public and private institutions, academic institutions, NGOs, regional and international organizations, groups, associations, and women and youth organizations to establish a framework of trust and cooperation      
  •  Mobilize the various actors, both public and private, to work together on issues that hinder the full development of populations.       
  • Assist in the development of policies and strategies to better advance the handling of issues related to governance, human security and social development      
  • Unlock the potential of men and women, including young people and girls as well as the most vulnerable people, to become aware of their capacities for action, to make their voice heard to access quality services adapted to their needs. needs, and to be involved in a responsible manner, and to act as vectors of change and development       
  • Make the public and private sector, development actors more aware to promote global human solidarity       
  • Connect states, organizations, institutions, and people to stimulate actions that promote the identification and implementation of inclusive and equitable actions with high development impact .