La Fondation ED

Our Action

We want to increase the chances of individuals and organizations to access resources, opportunities, and services. We operate in the areas of human security, governance, and social development. Our action aims to support and empower men and women as well as youth including young women and girls to enhance their knowledge and skills to take actions and be able to identify opportunities; and to positively influence their leaders. We work with governmental and non-governmental actors with the view to broaden the range of possibilities that can help people improve their living conditions and well-being. Through our action, we seek to advocate for a more just, stable, and secure world. The ED Foundation will ensure that issues relating to gender equality and equity are fully integrated into programs and actions initiated.


The ED Foundation seeks to instil attitudes in the manner governmental and non-governmental actors work together. We want to advocate for community outreach actions which allow a greater participation and ownership of beneficiaries for better results and sustainable impact. 


The ED Foundation seeks to play a liaison and coordination role between development partners and communities to develop and reinforce partnership and cooperation, and to ensure that development actions are better monitored and coordinated to increase the chances of success, ownership, and sustainability.