La Fondation ED

Our Key Programs

The actions of the The ED Foundation are articulated around 06 flagship programs that guide and offer the ideal framework to implement its activities and achieve its mission efficiently and effectively for meaningful results and impact.

AJ Program (Action for Youth )

AJ Program (Action for Youth ) is about strengthening the capacities of young people (girls and boys) so that they act as vectors of development, and get involved and contribute to the development of their community. This includes training them and informing them about opportunities; make them aware of the issues and development challenges, their roles and the actions they can initiate; and to support them in the development of their projects in order to promote and facilitate their integration into professional life.

AS Program (Solidarity in Action)

AS Program (Solidarity in Action) consists of helping the most vulnerable, reach out to them, whether in the streets or within families. It is about mobilizing funds and/or material goods to provide assistance to the poorest in the streets; to collect clothes, shoes, bedding, food, etc. In short, it’s about helping people in need.

FEMS Program (Women United)

FEMS Program (Women United) helps set up a chain of solidarity between young women and women leaders, it is about offering to young women with the opportunity to learn and develop their potential with the guidance of women leaders. Each successful young woman who had participated to this program will in turn have to

ACCAD Program (Supporting Development Assistance)

ACCAD Program (Supporting Development Assistance) aims to put ED’s expertise to the service of development partners for the effective implementation of their aid and cooperation programs / projects.

RED Program (Research & Development)

As a think tank, the ED Foundation will offer a space for exchanges and dialogue (conferences, exchange forums, trainings, webinars, blog, podcasts, etc.) to stimulate and encourage debate and reflection on human security and governance related matters. We also seek on the longer term to become a research hub to strengthen research on governance and human security issues with the aim to 1) foster a better understanding, dissemination and sharing of information in this area;2) use research results to inform and sensitize governmental and non-governmental actors; and (3) decrypt and enhance the knowledge and capacity of young researchers in the fields of human security and governance that are fundamental for the well-being of people in society.

SOC Program (Supporting Civil Society)

SOC Program (Supporting Civil Society) is about providing support to enhancing the knowledge and capacities of civil society organizations (mobilization of resources, training, structuring, organization, representation, etc.)