La Fondation ED

Our perspectives

The ED Foundation is an independent institution committed to excellence in training, research, consulting services, technical assistance, and human solidarity for the implementation of conveniently and meaningful programs based on a realistic vision and long-term intervention for individuals, institutions, and organizations empowerment. The ED Foundation seeks to contribute to a “change of mentality and attitudes” in the way governmental and nongovernmental actors – including development aid partners work together. We strive to encourage, advocate, and promote more responsive and accountable actions that are more relevant to communities.


In this context, The ED Foundation will ensure that issues relating to equality and gender equity are mainstreamed into programs and actions. The ED Foundation intends to leverage, enhance and capitalize on the skills of young people (girls and boys) and take advantage of the potential and contribute to strength them, the new generation of future leaders.


Additionally, for The ED Foundation, it is a question of investing and encouraging actions of solidarity to help the most vulnerable. For each and every initiated action The ED Foundation plans to seek collaborative relationships and or build partnerships with United Nations agencies, the African Union, the European Union, sub-regional organizations like the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and its Financial Group, the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID), etc., embassies, NGOs, etc.


It is important to mention that the interventions and programs of The ED Foundation will not be limited to one country or a certain specific region. We will do our best to develop and extend our activities/actions to other countries/regions for greater global human solidary and contribute to sound human security and development.