La Fondation ED

About the ED Foundation

The Ensemble pour le Développement Foundation (ED in acronym, pronounced “ɛd”) is a non-profit organization created in 2016 with the mandate to combat poverty by strengthening individual, organizational, and institutional capacities.

The ED Foundation works in the fields of human security, governance, and social development; its offers a range of services geared towards development aid, capacity building, and solidarity based on theoretical knowledge, a proven expertise, and on a solid field experience in the service of development.

The ED Foundation promotes action mechanisms, practical and innovative ways of doing business for development aid while taking into account the realities and specific needs of target populations / beneficiaries, with the respect of their cultures, values, traditions, and natural environment. 

It relies on global human solidarity as the driving force of action to strengthen human security and governance to improve the living conditions of populations for sustainable, inclusive and, an equitable development. 

Through its actions and its mission, the ED Foundation seeks to improve the well-being of populations, and is therefore part of the dynamics of Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs), and well beyond .